Microsoft has recently announced that its search engine Bing is now available for Mobile Android App on all major U.S. mobile operators. We all know that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is a competition to Android Mobile OS despite this fact; Microsoft has made Bing available for Android Mobile App for all U.S carriers.

Though both, Microsoft (Windows Phone 7) and Google (Android OS) are the biggest rivals, but Microsoft knows the value of extending the reach of its products.

In a posting on November 11th on the Bing community Blog, it was written – “the launch of the Bing for Mobile Android App in the Verizon Wireless Android Market, many of you asked when the Bing App will be available from your own operators.” In reply we got – “We are pleased to announce that we have just released the Bing App to all major U.S. mobile operators through Android Markets.”

Six months after the release of app that was similar to Bing for iPhone, Microsoft released Bing for Mobile Android app for Verizon. With the new application, you can get a quick access to maps with the listing of all local businesses. There is a Favorite option and you can get instant answers for the listing for movies, flights etc. Apart from this, there is a very interesting feature which is a mic option on the homepage of the application that allows you to do a voice search.

It was reported that Microsoft paid $500 million so that Bing gets included in the Verizon smartphones. The deal that was originally announced in January 2009, gave access to the customer to perform a voice search along with the typed quires.