Because of compatibility issues, users of computing devices usually stick to only a couple of operating systems maximum, while the majority of the users prefer a single, common, heavily used and widely supported OS. When it comes to PC’s Microsoft rules although its not the same in the smart phones world. Android or iPhone OS is what users need in their powerhouse mobile devices.

Microsoft Kin Phone

The highly anticipated, Microsoft’s Kin phone has been a vivid example of how things can go against expectations with Microsoft phone ventures. The only fulfilled image of the Microsoft Kin phone was its price range, which after a couple of weeks from the launch was reduced down to nearly fifty percent on some models, by Verizon. Whatever failed the Microsoft Kin phone, must be very serious because the project was halted within two months of its release. Some say it was lacking some basic features such as a calendar,but Microsoft said it wanted to focus on its next mobile device venture.

The future of smart devices

The future of computing devices correlates to extreme developments in smart mobile devices. Tablets and large screen smart phones are just a couple of examples of what the future could look like. With majority of smart phone manufacturers preferring Android over Windows Mobile, Microsoft has been literally forced to come up with their own manufactured devices. The latest such effort from Microsoft is still in the pipeline in the name of Windows Phone 7.

Who is up against who?

Users are normally fair towards new technologies and devices so if they like it, they might start buying, using and loving it. The only problem is that when there are identical devices offered in different names, brand recognition comes into play. Microsoft should have no problem with brand recognition, but when it comes to mobile devices Microsoft has all sorts of issues from design, features and technology issues to usage problems. So compared to Android Microsoft is lagging far behind in mobile device space.

Microsoft done with phones yet?

The release of Windows Phone 7 should answer this better and with accuracy. Simply put, Microsoft has not yet finished catching up with Android. Nevertheless Android is least concerned about what Microsoft is up to with their new venture. Is Microsoft awaiting a perfect kill? Either way, everyone else will have to play a waiting game to find out. Nowadays Windows Mobile OS is rarely used by manufacturers of smart phone devices. One of the reasons why Microsoft is on the way to launch another one of their own devices.

Experts indicate that Microsoft may not be the big player in smartphone mobile devices, which are expected to rule computing and related technologies for many years to come.