In a move that can only be good for facebook users, Microsoft announced it had incorporated Facebook and Windows Live Messenger in Outlook.  The move is expected to bring the newsfeeds of the millions of Facebook fans all over the world to inboxes world over.

It Began With Outlook Social Connector

In a similar move in 2009, the Microsoft Group had launched Outlook Social Connector that came as a great addition to social networking. Outlook Social Connector is Microsoft’s plug-in application that integrates social networking feeds together with the contacts you have in Outlook.

What this does is let you in on vital information such what your friends are doing, where they are at or what they are up to. The integration moves began with the LinkedIn and there were even rumors that a similar move might be made for MySpace and Facebook. It even gets better, other than the integration of Outlook and Facebook.

Support for Windows Live Messenger

You still have lots to celebrate as Outlook has as well concluded its integration with support for Windows Live Messenger in a move that will see the company release a plug-in for its 2003 and 2007 Outlook end users. The result is expected to see networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace  and Windows Live Messenger incorporate and thus become available to the millions of people and business across the world that use them.

The new joint application between Facebook and Microsoft’s Outlook promises to better social networking in more ways than one. For instance, the feature will allow users to put their facebook photos into Outlook with no hitches. According to the two companies, the new joint product launch between the two is way better than what Outlook and LinkedIn released. Other than just enabling you take your facebook profile photos into Outlook and relate a name with a particular face, it goes further and as well brings you your contacts newsfeeds in your inbox.  Thus, the overall effect is that, when you check out your friend’s email or anyone’s, the application goes a step further and brings you their status update, photos and even their wall posts amongst a host of other social networking applications.

Link With Other Networking Sites

To make it heavenly, the integrated version of LinkedIn, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger and Outlook data, the result is a thorough detailing of your past and recent activities with your contacts and an additional look at their social networking activities as well. In a way, it gives lots of benefits to businesses in the way it brings a lot of information vital in decision making and competition strategies.  That is just the beginning according to Microsoft as the application still gives you up to the minute updates courtesy of the social connector platform that was as well released with the new integration announcement.

The new social connector platform will automatically bring you updates into your inbox as they are updated in real time, eliminating the need to refresh the page in Outlook. However, the application allows Outlook to only bring you data from facebook and friend requests. It has no liking posts and you ca not update your status through Outlook.