What’s a sure way to get a public’s wandering interests? Well, that would be whet their appetite and be mysterious as ever. Nothing like mystery to stoke those buzzing bees’ investigative routines. It seems that Microsoft has just employed this tactic with its equally enigmatic invitations for an event they are holding this April 12th. Well, invitations are out and everyone’s on a frenzy to get the latest scoop.

Not to be outdone by the April 8th Apple introduction of the OS 4, Microsoft plans to stir some ruckus this coming Monday. What’s it all about? Well, the recent leaks of the Pink Phone from Microsoft might give us some idea. Codenamed Turtle, this one has been spotted languishing on a tabletop in a coffee shop by the folks at Gizmodo. Also a hint from SanDisk came claiming that whatever is being launched on Monday will definitely support SanDisk microSD. Do we hear echoes of Microsoft Pink in that statement?

The Pink is Microsoft’s answer to iPhone and will allegedly bring iPhone to its demise. Emphasis on the: allegedly. Well, at least that is what some people are hoping. This remains to be seen though since Apple just upped the ante with the introduction of iPhone OS 4.