Apple already planning to open its twenty five new outlets in China by the beginning of 2012 has decided to work on reputation building in Chinese market. It has decided to market I phone technology first as it is the most on-demand product. It will also help to improve the market position of other Apple products .Ipad is next in queue for apple’s entry into Chinese market. I-pad is second most customer friendly status symbol in china and the notebooks are on the rocks these days ,so this is a good platform for Apple to initiate things. The third product is I pod which is one of the most expected ones from Apple. Apple is also looking forward to let the customers try its products at minimum possible price list. This will help in making Apple products more user friendly and popular in the IT market. The last thing that Apple will think to introduce into the market is its PC’s and Laptops which are least popular in IT market because of its price listings.

Google is most concerned firm . These actions of Apple are just next things that google doesn’t want. Apple is giving a tough competition to google and other firms in the Chinese IT market .Google is now serious with further advancement of its mobile application Android. It is planning to develop all new softwares in the same platform.

HTC and Motorola are 2 other leads in the Chinese market who are struggling to maintain their position and clients. Both the firms are looking forward to develop more and more applications in the Android platform. Slowly whole market is moving towards the Android platform and Iphones are loosing popularity in accordance to the US analysts.

Apple is all set for its expansion in China. It is hiring best electro manufacturing firms in China and also ready with its revenue model. On the other hand, Google believes in expansion by services and location. Its revenue model is also based on same principle.

Google generates its revenue mainly through Advertisements and support Services. The permission from government of the country also plays main role in revenue generation. Without that Google wont be able to generate revenues.

Thus the revenue generation through Android applications is only possible through Hardware manufacturers.But in case of Apple their margins also has to be lowered. The profit of harware manufacturers is already low so its bit difficult to coordinate with Apple.

Thus, both Google and Apple need to put money on marketing for their products. Otherwise their Android software also has a blurred future. HTC and Motorola are also concerned about their market position which makes it more tough for Google to expand its business and services.

Overall Analyses shows that still Google is leading but something unique needs to be done to maintain goodwill and position in Chinese IT market.