Apple COO Tim Cook was straight to the point when he said that iPad has no competition in the market. Apple had an excellent quarter with an enormous earning as customers all across the globe happily welcomed 7.3 million iPads. Apple has been able to achieve 7% of the entire global PC market in the last sales quarter of 2010. Cook said that Android tablets do not give any kind of Tablet usage feel. Android tablets are modified with extra features and are more like a smart phone.

iPad was launched last year by Apple, and it created enough curiosity and stir among the consumers till the launch date. So when it got finally launched in April 2010, it was very well appreciated.

Apple iPad is a unique product which gives real feel of a tablet PC. Android is owned by Google and its one of the operating systems for mobile, on the other hand iPad is a product of Apple where it’s focused on video and audio platforms for books, games and many other entertaining factors. Apple has clearly proven themselves as the market leader in this segment with a very distinct margin where Google follows second and Microsoft not even close to the above two. Google has themselves mentioned that the Android and the size of it doesn’t really give a real tablet experience so they are anyways not even close to competing with the iPad. Microsoft didn’t create much stir about their tablets.

Microsoft and Google definitely need to work on their tablet technology. In case there is a rival for iPad, the pricing will be more affordable. New technologies are always welcome as competition helps customers.