HP and Microsoft have submitted a portfolio of four convergences of software and hardware designed to improve employee productivity and improve the decision-making process. According to developers, new hardware and software systems from HP and Microsoft are equally important for both IT professionals and business users.

They ensure the operation of such business-critical applications, business intelligence, data warehousing, OLTP, and e-mail. These software and hardware were developed jointly by HP and Microsoft. In addition, these complexes, compared to traditional integrated systems deliver higher performance and scalability – up to 40% and 25% respectively.

The collaboration of HP with Microsoft, resulted in  decrease in time for the integration of applications. IT staff can reduce the time to configure, deploy and manage integrated business intelligence solution. This hardware- software package includes Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint. The solution allows users to work together with analytical data created by PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel and SharePoint 2010. In turn, IT administrators can centrally audit and manage applications from a single panel.

HP and Microsoft also introduced HP Database Consolidation Appliance. This complex will consolidate hundreds of databases into a single virtual environment, providing customers with a solution of private “cloud”: a flexible, scalable and well managed. The complex is optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud and will be offered as a pre-configured set of equipment to services for deploying and customizing reported to Microsoft.

In addition, HP and Microsoft offer support and consulting services for hardware-software applications, using which customers can quickly begin to use business applications. Services include assessment, design, testing and deployment, and ongoing technical support. The cost of licensing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is paid for separately. Solution HP E5000 Messaging System with 3-year hardware and software tech support 24×7 will be available in March 2011.