You have a great content to share, which is well-structured and flows from one aspect to the other with perfect smoothness. But when it comes to representation, you are stuck with old and unadventurous flow chart boxes. How about adding a bit zing to the presentation of your content? How about making it look a bit appetizing and exciting. Let us add some 3D effects. Or simply try to resize your boxes. What about changing their position? Alright, if nothing else just add some line styles or color fills… in the nutshell let us put SmartArt graphics to use and create some outstanding piece of content while working on your Windows 7 PC. Won’t that be fun? Indeed! So what are you waiting for, follow the steps below and put together some great content on your Windows 2007 document, which outshines all others in the league.

1. Open “Word” document
2. Create a flow chart in Microsoft Word 2007
3. Under “SmartArt Tools”, on the “Design” tab, in the “SmartArt Styles” group, click the SmartArt Style that you want
4. To see more SmartArt Styles, click the
“More” button and then select the SmartArt Style that you want

Gear up to make your competitors envious of your great flowcharts with SmartArt. Get working right away!