This multi touch technology is a quite familiar name among the masses as it’s already functional in mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets etc but still taking some time to get itself common in computers because of its cost factor as affording a multi touch monitor is an expensive deal. So the solution for it was the launch of multi touch mouse. If no multi touch monitor, then multi touch mouse can be a quite affordable option. Such mouse does not have buttons and it allows you to interact with your computer by using multi-touch gestures.

About Arc Touch

Microsoft already has presented the Arc Touch Mouse to its users which are quite convenient and the shape is also curved one. But this mouse still lacks in one thing that is its feature of multi touch.

So keeping this in mind Microsoft has planned to launch a new arc touch multi touch mouse adding it to a list of other multi touch mouse such as Apple and many others. It has already been launched in some European countries retailers like Denmark and Norway but still not at all locations. These retailers have even started the publishing listings of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse the product code of which is RVF-00003.

On March 30, 2010, Microsoft officially registered its domain with the name The news is that a Research program was` held by Microsoft in which different designed for a multi touch were detailed and this offering is made after that program held.

Unique Feature of this New Multi Touch

The Arc touch mouse which is already given by Microsoft in 2008 was designed with an integrated fold out hand support. But this new launch would really bring a revolution as its fold-form factor is really very innovative and comfortable.

Benefits for Windows 7 users

This is apparently good news for the users of Windows 7.This is because a user can take the advantage of multi touch mouse only if they could afford Multi Touch PC’s which are very costly but now those who have Windows 7 PC’s they can also take benefit of multi touch mouse as it would support Windows 7. Now these users doesn’t need to purchase a multi touch expensive mouse from market as officially they would get that by Microsoft itself  once it launches this mouse.

Pricing of this Arc Multi Touch

At present, Apple has presented its multi touch mouse already in the market with the name Apple Magic Mouse the cost of which is $70. Though this Microsoft product would be of similar kind like as of Apple Magic Mouse but its support in Windows 7 will help it in boosting its demand. More people would be able to have the features of multi touch in their applications refreshing the platform of Windows Touch. It is expected to be sold under 70$ only and not more than that, almost the same price at which Apple has offered.

Finally it can be concluded that this technologically advanced peripheral would change the whole trend of future in this area.