According to recent reports, ASUS is developing Windows Phone 7 powered phone i.e. ASUS E600. This model has just passed the FCC barrier and expected to be launched during Christmas. It will be powered with AT&T network, has 5MP HD camera and 4 inch touch screen display with 1300mAH battery. Still ASUS was not clear about its price but we are expecting that it will be in line with other Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7 is said to be one of the most exciting phones in 2011 with Android and iPhones. Microsoft is also mentioning now that they will launch an updated Windows Phone 7 OS in early 2011. Windows phone 7 is the key strategy point for Microsoft in the Smartphone market. Every one is expecting a bigger picture i.e. second bigger update in February at the Mobile World congress Show in Barcelona. In this update, it will include enhanced developer controls for applications and updated components. Microsoft is very keen to update the Windows Phone 7 OS performance wise and in the CES 2011, Microsoft was clearly indicating about the updates, they are going to do in the OS.