Microsoft KIN is a mobile phone launched to attract teenagers and has recently introduced a marketing campaign for its mobile.

If you are a fan of Microsoft Xbox and Zune, and if you looking forward to buy a new multimedia phone which has a mixture of social networking, high resolution screen and photo capturing then Microsoft KIN is perfect mobile for you. To make its mobile advertising campaign unique, Microsoft decided to sponsor road trip for adults who become a fan of this mobile phone.

Microsoft sponsored a road trip for a girl named Rosa who became a fan of Microsoft KIN mobile on Facebook. They decided to make Rosa meet her friends who all are on her network. This trip was recorded and many advertisements were produced. Currently, the advertisements are being telecasted on various channels. These advertisements are meant to showcase that Microsoft’s KIN mobile phone is very high advanced and supports many social networking sites. These ads also turned many heads around in the mobile phone industry as it is one of its kind campaigns, as sending a normal girl all over the country in regard of promotion business, is a big step.

Microsoft has now made this into a sweep stakes contest where in any adult in the United States of America can win one such similar road trip. They have to just become a fan of the Microsoft KIN page on the Facebook. Then Microsoft will randomly choose a winner and this lucky youngster will win a fully sponsored road trip all over the country to meet all their friends on their network. The journey is essentially an extended social media marketing campaign for Microsoft and KIN, the sweepstakes is essentially a casting call for the next face of the brand.

While everyone has damned the campaign saying its not unique and such media promotion road trips have been done in the past too. Graham Smith and Josh Baron made a documentary about a Facebook road trip. But Microsoft replied toughly saying that no mobile company or software company has ever done such campaign and that too picking up random fans from social networking sites.

This campaign is also a take on young people who are forgetting that friends though being far away are also true friends. They wanted to explain this to young people, and so created this campaign. It has given a new meaning to the concept of online friendship, regard less of the social networking categorization.

It is a very interesting platform for the social networking sites also, as they get into the real-time life of youngsters. Thanks to Microsoft for coming up with such an innovative campaign, as now some random people can meet their friends all over the country.