Lance Ulanoff, a PC Magazine representative had a one-to-one interview session with Director and Vice president of ‘Windows Phone Program Management, Mr Joe Belfiore. Belfiore is the veteran Owner and designer for the upcoming Windows 7.He is the man who owns the software rights.

He is busy these days, not only with the launch of Windows 7, but also several ancillary products that are coming up with the new software. Lance and Belfiore were caught in a candid talk session, with the busy software scion talking all about Windows 7, Microsoft’s future plans and more.

It has been a couple of months filled with lots of action and setbacks for Microsoft, especially in the field of its Mobile Phone Strategies and also regarding the launch of Windows 7.The rude reviews about Windows 7 by Galen Grumman, which were published on InfoWorld were a real damper for the Windows 7 campaign. Not to mention Microsoft’s Kin, which didn’t had too many takers. Hailed as a phone meant for the text happy gen next, it’s a phone said to have too less features as a smartphone and too much cost as a non-smartphone.

The interview is seen as a positive step taken towards reversing all the bad press it has been getting. Belfiore was definitely in a mood to talk about all things bright and good about Windows 7.

Here it’s worth mentioning that the kins demise is now almost official with Microsoft making official declaration about it. This is a fresh start for Microsoft’s mobile efforts; one in which we put the end user experiences at the center of every decision we make, from architecting a new design and integrated on-phone experiences, to taking more accountability for the hardware and application development platform,” Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. “We’ve implemented a more measured and structured philosophy to bringing phones to market so that customers have a great experience with the scenarios that matter most to them, thereby enabling us to establish a foundation for growth over the long term. So with the kin issue getting resolved and the builders of the applications for the upcoming Windows 7 is also ready, things are looking up for Microsoft.

Belfiore mentioned Apple’s iphone’s and Aneroid phone’s stupendous success in the market, and what Microsoft has learned from the same. He also told that the launch is going to be sometime near the holiday season. The topic of zune market place also came up during the conversation Microsoft has been fighting bravely pitting zune against popular apple i-phones and anroid phones. Persistent research and brain storming, and Microsoft has come up with its most rebellious but bright gamble till date. It is now uploaded one with a batch of applications. The new and improved features, may not de sufficient to snatch followers and users of the popular iphone, but it quite certainly will make the Zune enthusiasts happy. Belfiore dropped hints about how; by expanding Zune Marketplaces application library it can be made into a worthy competitor for Apple’s Application store. Belfiore also expressed his opinion about the future of Microsoft in the mobile phone, especially smart phone arena. With the launch of their Windows 7, Microsoft aims into entering the smart phone market with aplomb.