What If I call the Multimedia enabled web and the mobile platform are nothing but a racetrack today? Yes, Hoards of innovations in the Information Technology hit the stores in the form of Smartphones, Media players and much more. These smart phones and Media players come to life with a software or application that runs inside them. There is an ongoing stiff competition to bring in the cutting edge technology in Mobile Phones apps. Industry players like Microsoft, Google showcase their Mobile Apps in the best possible variety to lure their customers. Well, here is a brief note on how Microsoft’s Bing App endeavors to take Google App apart in this extremely competitive Industry.

Bing App on the Smartphones

The Bing App opens up a very cool, trendy and appealing home page, which has several options like Web, Images, Movies, Maps, Businesses, News and Directions. There is a search text box at the top for the customers to key in their favorite topic and a Mic symbol to its right indicates a voice-enabled search. Arrows and Icons at the screen’s lower end enable a smooth navigation.

Bing app’s enticing new features

Just touch and scroll it, Bing App will connect you to your friends, brings in movie updates and guides you to shop your favorite stuff whether it’s a garment or a gadget.  Are you hungry and looking out to have a feast for your tummy? Bing App pops up the list of restaurants or eateries for you in seconds. The App quickly does a search of Brilliant images with Zoom in and Zoom out capabilities.

Social Networking

Get to know and tweet your friends and colleagues from your Smartphone! Yes, the newly added feature in the Bing App logs you in to Facebook, Twitter and shows up the latest updates on your network instantly.

Visual Scanning

This is an amazing feature incorporated in the latest Bing App. A camera-equipped Smartphone can scan or read an Item, puts it on the web search and presents a whole lot of needed information about the item. Therefore, the next time you step out with your Smartphone with Bing App loaded into it, you do not have to fuss about anything.

Bing Maps get you to the right place

Another cool feature in the Bing App is ‘Bing Maps’ that gets you moving by showing the right directions when you drive on. Voice-guided navigation via Bing maps gives you a hassle free way of getting to you a place of your choice. It is absoloutely simple!  Just speak out on your phone and it keeps you on the move.

Google App Vs Bing App

Quite true that Bing App is out with some amazing features listed above, but Google App is already ruling the Mobile App domain. In fact, there’ s nothing much extraordinary about Google App and it is just in sync with the usual Google Search Engine with the additional Mic to the right of the search text box that lets you do a voice-enabled search. With iPhone already running Google App in it, Apple has given a place for Bing App to play in its latest iPhone 4. Bing App will give life to many other SmartPhones, iPods etc.,

Well, from here, it Looks like Bing App is hands down the best mobile App. Because the elegant software adds the much needed zeal to the hardware to make buyers go gaga over them.