According to the last year report of the analytical agency comScore  in  the month of June, the share of Bing in the U.S. search market reached 12.7%. A year ago, Microsoft controlled 8.4% of search of the U.S. market. Significant growth has provided a powerful advertising and transactions with computer manufacturers who chose Bing as the default search engine on the PC produced, writes CNET. However, the service still lags far behind the leaders Google and Yahoo.

Microsoft has worked hard for the integration of the search algorithm in the Bing with portal Yahoo. This work is conducted within the framework of the cooperation agreement concluded by Microsoft and Yahoo in the past year.

After this, one of the priorities for Microsoft was the development of mobile search. For this last year released iPhone application has been downloaded more than four million times. Now the company prepared a full-fledged client software for Android-smartphone, which allows access to virtually all functions of the Bing, including image search, and news. The application submitted before the end of the summer, reports PC World.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt also accepted that Google search engine biggest competitor is Bing. Actually many experts believe that Google searches gives more spam results and Bing is comparatively giving relevant search results.

The website search engine lands has published a very good article which showcases quality search test between  the search engine Bing and  internet giant Google for some informational and transactional searches . The results from the test exhibited Bing coming out on top for points.

According to the latest web analysts from the firm Experian Hitwise, Search Engine Bing attracts more users, and its share in the “search market” is growing. These are particularly interesting in light of the recent squabble between Google and Microsoft, in which the latter accused of copying the search results from databases Google. Thus, Google planned to hold the position of the most popular search service.

According to Experian Hitwise, searches through the database Bing totaled 27.44% of the total number of requests in January, of which Yahoo was 14,62% (Yahoo uses a database with Bing August). The share of Google, meanwhile, fell by 2% and stood at around 67.95%.

Bing and Yahoo can also boast the best performance in January, that is, these search engines 81% of the requests led to the entrance to any home. For comparison, Google scored only 65%. As noted by Experian Hitwise, the share of failed requests emphasizes the opportunity for both search engines and for marketers to reassess their search results to enable users to find precisely the information they need.

Despite accusations from Google, Bing is still gaining momentum and with monthly growth rate of 6,5% is starting to become a serious threat to the hegemony of Google.