How often we need to search for things we all know! The activity of searching is so important that at times we wish we have a search option to look for the lost objects in our homes. This is the height of our dependence on the search engines. The war between the search engines is of utmost importance just because of this indispensable need of search engines. But one important fact that has been observed in this war is that it is lopsided and we always have a clear-cut winner in that.

The race is, in fact, for being the No. 2 search engine in the world. And this race has been won by Bing, a search engine that surpassed Yahoo!, in a recent survey conducted by StatCounter, a Web analytics company. Bing’s share in the global market is 4.37%, while Yahoo! closely follows Bing at 3.93%. In comparison to these figures, Google has a whopping 89.94% share in the global market. Though this is Google’s maiden share figure that is below the 90% mark since August in the year 2009, yet it is just like an established fact that Google would stay No. 1 for a long time to come.

In many countries like US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Brazil, Bing powers the search results of Yahoo! So it is not necessary that Microsoft will gain from the loss of Yahoo! More so, Yahoo! has managed to edge past Bing in the United States with 9.74% of the market’s share, Bing having 9.03%, while Google having 79.63% share.

The results declared by StatCounter are based on conclusions drawn from the data collected from a sample of 15 billion pages views per month from a network of about 3 million websites. Earlier in the year 2009, Bing was declared as Microsoft’s search engine. Bing was presented with a new improved look, more effective navigation for search results and also included the option of categorized search. Microsoft declared that Bing was an improvement upon Live Search as it had the ability to search the
Web more deeply and to deliver faster results.

At that point questions were raised in the minds of experts all over the world that whether taking over of Bing by Microsoft and given the improvements in the search engine, will help Bing emerge as a stronger search engine. It was being thought that whether Bing would be able to dent the global market share of Google. In 2011, Bing by surpassing Yahoo! has proved that yes, it has improved its performance. Although it could not significantly reduce Google’s share, yet it was able to make its presence felt with Bing being declared as the world’s search engine No. 2 after Google. So now let’s see what future has in store for Bing.