Bing is a search engine that was launched by Microsoft with some additional features. The basic functionalities of Bing have been kept the same. Bing has a variety of specialized search options.

On 11th February of 2011, Microsoft announced that Bing has been incorporated with software that makes use of user location to know a little more about the location of the user. This new feature in Bing has revolutionised the way search results are given. This further encompasses that if a user searches for a house then Bing will take upon itself to locate houses at nearby areas from where the search is being made and present a list of houses that fall under the category. Although the same location feature was added by Google last year but Bing has surged ahead in the localized feature by arranging information in categories. This has made it easier for users to enter their requirements in the search engine and getting information that is localized from where the search has been requested.

If the user clicks and chooses a result from lower down a list of search results then Bing will put the selected result at the top in case the same inquiries get repeated next time. Bing officials have clarified the incorporation of this particular feature by saying that it has been found to be a common trend followed by most users that when they repeat their inquiry for a particular topic they do so by searching with the same name. Research done by the team members of Bing before the launch of the search engine showed that users commonly reuse the search queries every time they are looking to acquire certain information and this trend rarely changes. Bing has been customized keeping in mind this feature of human nature. When a user input’s data and the user is trying to re-find or revisit a past accessed site, Bing displays the relevant data at the top of the site.

Both the current features that is localisation and site search have been offered to users in United States only presently. Microsoft is carrying out further research before launching the feature in other parts of the world. The biggest competition is Google that is well established and much more popular than Bing. Although launched with some very innovative features, Bing still needs to get marketed and made popular before capturing the market.