Bing Visual Search allows the “search by picture” feature, integrating the Silverlight technology, based on the .NET framework and Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a cross platform and a cross browser plug-in. The next generation Microsoft .NET offers media experience and rich interactive applications for the web, with features similar to those of Adobe Flash. Silverlight is compatible with Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS X operating systems. In fact, a free software Moonlight developed by Novell, in cooperation with Microsoft has made available the Silverlight functionality to even Linux and other open source platforms.

The Bing Visual Search App is known in for ease of browsing through the large collection of Windows Phone 7 applications. This has been further updated with a new feature to compare Windows Phone 7 applications. On accessing the Bing Search for Windows Phone 7 applications, the new compare tab/button provided allows you to look-up as many as 5 apps in comparison at the same time. This global comparison between similar apps or difference between the apps, at a single glance is a key breakthrough. Well, this wonderful development with integration of Windows Phone 7 with the internet, allowing comparison of apps, has once again brought Microsoft to the top of the marketplace.