Aside from highly computer based world, the communication is still enriched by this piece of technology that for the past years, have grown into a much more quality with great style. Others would focus on a trendier looking for the trend – setters and for the business people, a more elegant, simple and easy to handle with features compatible for their everyday busy use.

This is somehow a great opportunity to introduce much innovative mobile phones because of high demand on communication in every part of the world.

The Microsoft Team has never failed of giving us worth value of technology, and now they will prove their consumers yet again for another success by introducing a new highly futuristic mobile phone.

This is a good news for all the Microsoft lovers who recently just missed its great innovation of “Kin” – also a Microsoft based phone that functions more on practical purpose and use.

When the Microsoft Kin phone line was terminated because of its less impact to the market business, a new modernized phone line with a Windows 7- base system was introduced – called the “Blue Bee”.

Windows mobile 7 – the “Blue Bee”

When the company learned about the impact of Windows 7 system to the market, the Company has made a choice of doing a concept of a Windows 7 mobile phone. This then made the termination of the former Microsoft Kin and replaced by a new born phone line named as “Blue Bee”.

This modernized phone was created by Kingyo, a Chinese UI designer. This is a futuristic phone with a Window 7 operating system with a highly touch screen interface that takes a form of a honeycomb UI. Yes! It is truly an inspired form of a honeycomb design, which is why it is called by the creator as “Blue Bee”. It is highly modern yet very simple to use and has an elegant style of appearance.


Aside from its working command of Windows 7, this touch screen piece of technology is quite entertaining.

It has a social networking feature and highly classified as unique as any other counterpart such as the iPhone of Apple Company. It has a back touch button used for scrolling, moving forward and back or even used as a returning button to the homescreen through a double tap. It also centers to a more visualization interaction because of its wide and full screen appearance. It eliminates the need of button devices because of its honeycomb form where everything is on.

This great mobile phone also is a present evidence of the saying “simplicity is beauty”, because of its simple appearance and but with an elegant style and a very intuitive technology inside.

With the new mobile phone almost out on the market, the spectators are now on the focus because of its captivate quality and features that could make someone using it feels loved and treated as important.

And to those who missed the Kin phone line should never ever missed yet again now when it is more improved and upgraded.