Webmasters the world over will find this as alluring news. Your career as a webmaster can now be taken to the next level with the all new Microsoft Bing webmaster tools, thanks to Microsoft and its ever competitive outlook. These tools really take your work as a webmaster from the limited state it was to an entirely new level where you can actually have a real nice time and have a lot of things working your way. With the all new Microsoft webmaster tools, you can do stuffs that you have always found very difficult to do because of the limitation you have been experiencing n your webmaster endeavors.

The basis

The new webmaster tools from Microsoft that we are talking about are actually based on three keywords which are traffic, indexing and crawling. I am very certain that every webmaster out there will fancy that very first keyword: “traffic”. That is what all our essence is about anyway.

What it can do

With these great tools, you can have very different experiences from what you have been having before. The navigation and all forms of operations that were rather impossible in the previous Microsoft tools for webmaster or the Google webmaster tools are very possible with the all new Microsoft Bing webmaster tools. With these tools, you can have various charts provided for you. These charts enable you to analyze up to six months of data. One thing you will however need to take not of is that you will not be able to access this information if you don’t have silverlight installed on your system.

The benefits

By making use of these tools Microsoft will be providing you with daily information on the number of pages indexed, number of impressions, number of crawl error and even the number of click. The list of data you get from the number of traffic is similar to what you have from Google. It can also be called advancement over the Google version because this one from Microsoft is able to provide you with up to six months data while Google only provides data for just one month.

The limitation

If you want to compare click through rate for Bing and Google, you will sure find this tools very useful. But these tools have some kind of limitation to it; while it is able to provide you with up to six months data, you can not download the data, you can only view it on your monitor screen. So if you want to make use of the six months data in actionable ways you will find this limitation to the all new Microsoft Bing webmaster tools rather unhelpful.

On this chart, you can have access to the number of pages in the Bing index per day; I am sure you will find the information very useful. This goes a long way to overshadow the small limitation that you may experience in making use of the all new Microsoft Bing webmaster tools. It will take your webmaster experience to the very next level