Microsoft is contemplating of blocking ChevronWP7 which permitted customers to unlock any sort of retails device of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) for side loading of application defying the payment criterion of 99 dollar per year for the marketplace account of WP7. The update will introduce the copy and paste features among other improvements. As per ChevronWP7 team, Chevron WP7 unlocking mechanism is still being used as it has already been discarded and they are quite aware of the fact. However, this has been tactfully communicated earlier, they will like to reiterate that Microsoft has briefed them about the coding error utilized in the ChevronWP7 unlocking will seize to act after the updating of Windows Phone 7 as announced officially at CES 2011.

After its release ChevronWP7 was not continued more than a week. The developers of ChevronWP7 were asked by Brandon Watson, director of Windows Phone 7, in the department of Developer Experience and took decision for destroying their application. Microsoft has made changes in the developer tools with regards Windows Phone 7, paste functionality and adding copy, improvement in application performance, and implementation for other enhancements. The update comprises reference assemblies, Windows Phone OS emulator image which is a new type of version and all sorts of improvements in connection with previous updates. One may download it directly from Windows Phone Developer Tools January 2011 Update. The update is in respect of developers only and it allows them to start making the apps with assemblies of undated nature which will be shipped in the next update for Windows Phone 7 for consumers.

All applications those are already on the Windows Phone Marketplace will obviously still be working on the WP7 gadgets which becomes updated for the new type of versions in respect of OS and any application built by using this new sort of version for the tools will also be workable on the phones which have not got the upcoming update of WP7. Most of the applications will not be resubmitted or recompiled.