Kinect works like the eye of the Xbox 360. It is a camera which captures the player’s movements and specialised software converts the movements into game commands. Your physical movements determine the actions of the virtual character in the game. Experts predict that Kinect is said to be a huge success throughout the world, as it adds more to the popular Xbox gaming console. Moreover it enhances the concept of virtual reality while playing games, as it is not keypad based. Kinect is scheduled for launch in November this year and its sale will start from North America.

Microsoft is very positive for the success of Kinect. China has completely banned the sale of Kinect in China as it says that the device has broken several laws and thus they cannot allow Microsoft to sell Kinect in in China. China has already banned the sale and purchase of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in the country and similarly the new addition, Kinect is also banned. The local Chinese market has several “Xbox” type consoles of their own and probably they want to focus on their sale rather face stiff competition from an external product like Kinect. Though Xbox 360 was banned in China, many game enthusiasts have managed to get the console into the country. Microsoft has accepted this ban from China and is not doing anything for removing the ban. Microsoft knows that people who would really need Kinect would get it anyways, as gamers  in China already have Xbox 360. As a result they would definitely need to complement their Xbox console with a Kinect.

Kinect was formerly knows as Project Natal and was later called as Kinect. Kinect is a sleek bar which you can place in from of your gaming console for it to capture your movements. It uses infrared rays for capturing the movements of maximum two players. It is capable of sensing 48 points of the player’s body in real time. It is done by beaming the invisible infrared rays in the room which returns to the sensors based on the players movements. The sensor is very sensible and captures slightest of the movements in the players body. Kinect is also equipped with a microphone so that you can talk with your Xbox and give voice commands to it. Kinect has taken the gaming world to high dimensions. It can create a 3d image of you in colour and can also let you login to Xbox after seeing your face. Not only an infrared camera but Kinect also has a decent web camera which allows the players to video chat with other players over the internet. If your friends are on Microsoft Xbox or on Windows Live messenger you can easily do a video chat with them using the Kinect’s camera. Kinect will be launched in November and will certainly take the gaming experience to great heights. Though the price is not officially disclosed but it is expected to be around 200 dollars by the experts.