Microsoft Internet Explorer is a series of Web browsers created by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems starting in 1995.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has launched many versions of Internet Explorers from its first version to the latest version that is Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has been designed to view a big range of web pages to provide certain features within the Operating System that includes Microsoft Update. During the wars of the browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer succeeded Netscape only when it caught up technologically to support the enlightened features of the time.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is currently in development and it will have complete support for all CSS 3 selections including border radius and many other properties like embedded ICC, faster JavaScript and hardware accelerated rendering using Direct2D and DirectWrite. Microsoft Internet Explorer has introduced an arrangement of proprietary extensions to many of the standards, including HTML, DOM and CSS. It has resulted in a number of web pages that appear busted in standards compliant web browsers and it has introduced the need for a quirks mode to allow rendering improper elements that are meant for Microsoft Internet Explorer in these other browsers.

Google Chrome is an Operating System created by Google that uses the Webkit Layout engine and application framework and Google Chrome was released as a Beta version for Microsoft Windows on September, 2008.

Citrix is a multinational corporation that provides server and desktop virtualization, software service, networking and cloud computing technologies.

Citrix receiver is the first worldwide client for IT service delivery. If you have installed Citrix receiver on a device, applications and desktops that can be delivered as on demand service with no requirement to manage and care about the striking device or its location.

Google engineer, Linus Upson said at the launch of Chrome Operating System that Google Chrome OS can replace about 60 percent of corporate Windows Operating Systems, that time it sounded like outlandish but now it seems that Google has done it.

Now Google Chrome Operating System got on board with the Google Chrome Operating System. If you are using Google Chrome Operating System then in the middle of the 2011 you will get Citrix receiver as a Web application for free.

Citrix is used in Windows Operating system applications including Mac, iOS and devices from Apple, Linux and Windows. It is used in around 2, 30,000 businesses.

Microsoft Windows is the biggest share of Citrix clients and it will be in a large amount of installation targeted through Google. An interesting thing is that Citrix has never created its own slim clients functioning on a slim of Android.

Citrix slim clients made by crooked can also be squeezed by Google Chrome Operating System notebooks.