Need and Role of Microsoft Excel 2007 and its compatibility

The most useful feature of Microsoft Excel is that it allows users to perform calculation and manage large numerical data by creating custom formulas. It also contains functions that make it easy to perform common calculation on data and are called built in formulas. The compatibility pack in Microsoft Excel 2007 ensures that the user can effortlessly exchange documents between the systems supporting different releases of MS Excel i.e. the user could access several file formats. Users can also change the format in which the document is saved, so that it can also open on a system which doesn’t have Microsoft Excel 2007.The current versions of Microsoft Office Excel which are available to the users include Microsoft Office Excel 2010 for Windows and 2008 for Mac.

The following points may explain the need and role of compatibility and how it could be used on a system supporting different release of Microsoft Office Excel:

  • Need and role of compatibility pack
  • Compatibility pack in Microsoft Excel 2007
  • How to open file in a different release?

Need and role of compatibility pack

In order to reduce the file size and enhance external source integration, Microsoft has added a new file formats to MS Excel. These new file formats may sometimes would not open in a system where a different release of MS Excel is being used. So to ensure that the user could exchange documents between different releases, Microsoft has developed a compatibility pack for the MS Excel 2007. The compatibility pack gives MS Excel a new ability of openness and transparency.

Compatibility pack in Microsoft Office Excel 2007

The compatibility pack in MS Excel provides the user the ability to open, edit, and save files in a format which could be used in an earlier release of MS Excel. The compatibility pack assure that the file created don’t contain any features that aren’t supported by the previous version of the MS Excel. The compatibility mode becomes automatically on when the user tries to open a file that was saved in the old file formats.

How to open file in a different release?

Earlier, spreadsheets created by different versions of Microsoft Excel was not usually a problem because older versions of Excel used the ‘xls’ file extension. But now Excel 2007 uses ‘xlsx’ as file extension which can’t be opened by the earlier versions. So, in order to make it compatible, users can save the file by choosing ‘Save As’ then ‘Excel 97-2003 Workbook’. The user can also configure the program to save the file in the old format. So the files which earlier refused to open in the older versions would now open in those versions without any hassle.