The “Competitiveness Award” has finally been awarded to the state of Virginia, as announced by Site Selection. This award is handed over for showing immaculate excellence in the field of economic development groups and for those who do not know, this was a state level award! Truly an achievement to consider! Surely a very prestigious award that is given every year based on the Site Selection publisher Conway Data Inc’s “New Plant Database” which as we all know is the expanded new facilities. The other states that made it to the top five list were Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Tennessee was named by the Chief Executive as one of the prestigious top 3 states in the entire nation when it came to developing IT business. This was its sixth annual survey held in the nation for the “Best and the Worst States for Business.” There was huge competition and just like any awards, apparently this one had over 650 CEO’s who did the job of rating all of the states that participated into three different categories all general though, living environment, workforce quality and taxation and regulation. Last year Tennessee ended up in the fifth position, and it moved 2 notches up to finish in third position. The other states that made it to top fiver were North Carolina, Texas, Nevada and Virginia.

In a bid probably to get all of its state members avid with technology the officials in Tennessee made announcements that they were to join hands with the Global Technological giants like Microsoft. The partnership will be of the public-private kind and will be thoroughly aimed at giving technological training to all Tennesseans. The program would be called “Elevate America” and Microsoft is said to work endlessly along with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, so that they could give away 25,875 free vouchers for training and certification in on line technology. Those who are interested, (and this is aimed especially for workers) can take the course at home or even attend the Tennessee Career Centers else the Tennessee Technology Centers.

Justin Wilson from Comptroller had suggested rightly for a thorough evaluation and this time it would be between the University of Tennessee Medical Group along with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. The only reason for this evaluation was because of doubts that were raised with concerns to guarding of conflicts in interest, as well as to protect every tax payer who pays his/her tax regularly. This was largely because of the oversight of the Knoxville UT officials and this concerned the financial management practices that the Memphis medical school and also the staff and faculty that were reportedly on the board of directors. According to Wilson, they even demanded that the University be a little lenient and forgive the $7.5 million debt that the UT Medical Group owed and a huge contribution of this was because of the financial difficulties that the Medical Group was undergoing.