What are the essential features of the convert text to table feature on Microsoft Word 2007?

Microsoft Word 2007 is an advanced component of Microsoft Office 2007 productivity suite. Microsoft Office 2007 enables you to create, edit and share content in a variety of formats. Microsoft Word 2007 has greatly integrated the Ribbon interface. Ribbon is designed to make your tasks quicker and easier and gives you full fledged support to create professional documents. It includes a number of themes that allow you to change the entire look of your document with a few mouse clicks. The building blocks in Microsoft Word 2007 gives you the opportunity to create reusable content, helping you to cut down time spent on the creation. The mini tool bar provides you with some commands that you probably want to use and when you select some text in and point the cursor at it, the mini toolbar appears.

The essential features offered with Microsoft Word 2007 and the features of convert text to table feature in Microsoft Word 2007 are:

  • Creating professional looking documents
  • Easily avoid spelling errors
  • Method to convert text to table

Creating professional looking documents

Microsoft Word 2007 helps you to create superior professional looking documents and you can simply spend your time on writing documents than taking time to format your documents. Ribbon that comes with Microsoft Word 2007 is advanced and it stores all your important tools. You can get perfect freedom in selecting your favorite tools and you can navigate between them easily. You can save a lot of time with powerful Microsoft Word capabilities by choosing from the galleries of predesigned table formats, list formats, styles, graphical effects, and much more.

Easily avoid spelling errors

With the Microsoft Word 2007, you can easily avoid spelling errors. The new spelling checker feature bundled with Microsoft Word 2007 lets you carry on your work with full confidence. Each time a new language is used, an exclusion dictionary is created automatically. The exclusion dictionary allows you to prompt the spelling checker to flag words that you would like to avoid for good. This will be helpful to avoid words that are obscene or the kind of words that never match your style guide. You are also provided with options to disable grammar or spelling checks for a particular document or for all the documents that you author.

Method to convert text to table

Converting text to table on Microsoft Word 2007 is very simple. For this you need to launch Microsoft Word 2007 on your computer. After this, you can start creating or opening the file that you want to convert the text to table for. Then you can select the content on your document that you want to convert. Now you need to click on the ‘Insert’ option and then click on the ‘Table option and select the table of your choice and click on the ‘Convert Text to Table’ option to convert.