Microsoft has always been proving quality services to it consumers, be it the latest operating system, or gaming console or even software patch releases.

Microsoft’s whole motto has been tp rovide good after sale services and launch of new technology for home users and business users.

Apart from that, Microsoft has also been actively involved in making internet and web policies and procedure to formulate the vast and jumbled web world.

In the same vision, Microsoft has recently announced its new policy calls “Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure”.

This policy is majorly designed to understand a new philosophy on how we tackle with the concept of vulnerability disclosure and it is also going to rephrase the practice of “Responsible Disclosure” to “Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.”

It is noticed that there has always been infinite conflict between supporters of both these philosophies responsible disclosure and full disclosure and its power to divert from vast industries and customer rights.

Microsoft believes that the mindset of entire web community and company owners should change and they all should come together to build an key responsible fact that will help everyone to organize and collect the required resolution which will minimize the risk

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)

In recent times, we have found so much threat and vulnerabilities in software, hardware and services online. CVD is formulated to disclose all those vulnerabilities directly to vendors of all types of products and then vendors are supposed to pass on that information to customers. This brings the transparency in the system and keeps everyone aware and informed. This information is shared with everyone as product information, news and manuals so that no one is left under any misunderstanding or misconception.

Microsoft believes that being responsible is very important and it is a shared responsibility amongst the community who are involved in security research, product provides, and other software manufacturers and vendors. Everyone in this group plays an important role to make this model a successful model and provide overall computing ecosystem and transparency.

CVD is not to present the non existence or meaning of “responsible disclosure”, it is to show and view the vulnerability information in details and presented to the masses with guidelines to keep customers from unnecessary risk. CVD also represents a centralized management of the flow of information and the way information should be publically issues and released.

CVD works of some major principles and it asks vendors and finders to work in harmony to find the resolution. CVD also emphasize on putting great effort to provide timely response to all customers, providing work around and reasonable public disclosures in finely coordinated manner.

All these are evidence which tell us that Microsoft and other responsible organizations are in process of providing a wonderful market to users.

This event has come has a breath of fresh air for all consumer group as wit is going to benefit all kind of consumers by providing security and a well coordinated environment against  vulnerability.