Homegroup is an easy way to stay connected to other computers wireless. It allows the sharing of various data, files, music, videos, and photos between to computers. If you take the initiative of sharing your files, you should be ensured of the safety of your data and files. However, Windows 7 also give you the option of allowing other people to make changes and share their stuff with your computer.

Windows 7 provides you with this amazing feature known as homegroup. This feature gives the users of Windows 7 a facility to be connected with the computers of other users of Windows 7. This unique feature works in all the computers running Windows 7. It is an easy and interesting way to exchange or share the data between computers using Windows 7.

In order to create a homegroup , two or more working computers using Windows 7 are required. This process involves the set up of two computers, involving one desktop and one laptop computer. The first step in setting up a homegroup is taken by the desktop computer. This process involves the deciding factor as to whether to share the library and printers first or generate the homegroup passwords first.

Procedure of setting up the homegruop on the desktop computer is as follows. After switching your computer on move the cursor to the Windows key or start button. As the start menu appears, select the option of control panel. As soon s the window of control panel opens click on the sub title “homegruop and sharing option” under the option of network and internet. Once you that a homegroup window appears, in that choose the option of create a homegroup. Once you choose the mentioned option, a window will appear flashing the various options of pictures, music, videos etc will appear offering as to what you wish to share. Once you know what to share mark or unmark the given options accordingly and move to the next step by clicking on the “next” option. After doing so window 7 will provide you with a password in order to allow the other users to join your homegroup. Below the password an option of “print the password and instruction” is also given. Click on the mentioned option. Once you are done with that give the password user sheet to your related other users. After doing so click on the “finish” option.

This completes your part of creating the homegroup. Now in order to join the homegroup the other user(s) are suppose to register themselves and begin with the service of homegroup in Windows 7. The other user will join the homegroup by using the password sheet provided by the desktop computer’s user. By using that password, the other user can go into the homegroup setting of his laptop and join the group. However, this only possible if the user is also using Windows 7.