While working with new Windows7, there are chances that Windows7 may not be able to open links. Sometimes Windows Live Mail is used to read emails, but unfortunately no links in emails get load. On trying to click on these links, error is notified with message saying that there is no existence of compatible program; though system has various web browsers including Internet Explorer. An Error message usually appears on computer if default web browser is not selected. This problem can be solved by instructing Windows7 to use a specific browser. Although Internet Explorer is present by default, Windows does not use it until it is told to do so.

Default Browser can be set by following some easy instructions. If you want to select Internet Explorer as your default browser, go to ‘Internet Options’. On selecting this option, it will open a new dialogue box. Here you will see a number of tabs offering many options. In ‘Programs’ tab, you will be prompted to make Internet Explorer as default browser. You can set it by just clicking on ‘Make default’ option. If you are not provided with Internet Explorer, it can be downloaded from Internet Explorer website.

But what if another web browser is essential to be set as default browser? It is very simple to set any browser as your default browser. For this, you must go to ‘Control Panel’ and select on ‘Default Programs’ option. You will be given a list of programs. Browser of your choice can be picked from this list; and by clicking appropriate option it can be set as a default browser. Thus by telling Windows to use a specified browser, you can read emails and load required links. In case of Firefox or Google Chrome, there you will find options regarding this procedure.

If you are starting with a fresh browser, as soon as you start it, a message asking to select it as default browser will appear on screen. By following steps given, that particular web browser can be selected as default browser. But what if you are not prompted with such message? In such situations, if you are working with Firefox, there is ‘Tools’ option in menu. On selecting it, you will see a list including ‘Options’, on which you must click. Doing so, a dialogue box will appear in which you have to click on ‘Advanced’. Consequently in ‘General’ option, click on ‘Check Now’ and then ‘Ok’. Finally, Firefox will be set as your default browser.

In case of Google Chrome, on starting it, you will notice a spanner icon. After clicking on this icon, a dropdown list with ‘Options’ will be displayed. A new dialogue box will start on clicking ‘Options’. In this box you can easily make out an option ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser’; just by selecting it Google Chrome will be set as your default browser. In this manner by choosing default browser, Windows can load links with this specified program without prompting any error message; and you can get rid of all difficulties regarding browser setting.