Microsoft’s new operating system is the current topic of discussion among all application developers and beyond these days. A recent survey results by Embarcadero Technologies, released on July 12th 2010; the survey conducted in May by over 606 participants revealed how about application developers are sorting after Windows 7.

Touch and multitouch capabilities

Over more than half of the respondents comprising of architects, developers and analysts, declared they were working on applications for Windows 7. Out of the total survey results fifty-four percent are currently on projects with Windows 7, while another twenty-five percent were planning to begin developing applications by next year and close to ten percent of the survey participants did not have any plans to work on Windows 7. However, close to fifteen percent of the participants said they were still waiting for more organisations to start using Windows 7. What is most enticing to developers are the touch and multitouch capabilities and various graphic options in Windows 7. Product manager of Delphi Solutions at Embarcadero Technologies, said with the mainstream hype in touch functions caused mainly due to iPad and iPhone, with various applications available for them these day, there is not much options in the past with such functionalities in Windows platform. But with Windows 7 breaking this rule, it is creating more interest with developers to have applications based and to run with Windows platform.

Windows 7 a Challenge?

34 percent of the survey participants found supporting customers on older versions of Windows is the biggest challenge; although Windows 7 impose its own challenges. Microsoft had announced that they would be ending all support for Windows XP by April 2014; so it is time for organisations to slowly start moving into Windows 7. Although Windows 7 is quite user friendly for the user end, and they have some key points that entice the developers, however ten percent of developers in the survey felt learning to work something new in Windows 7 can be quite challenging.

What is priority?

Most web developers are looking at creating desktop applications to match with the multi features available like Aero Swap, Aero Peek, jump lists and various features that will compliment their desktop application and mutually benefit both. Followed by desktop applications, developers will slowly move into designing utilities and tools. Currently what is on the priority list is designing application that can be marketed at small business, therefore Windows 7 professional rather than enterprise edition applications.

Survey clearly indicates the apprehensive approach of some developers as to why they are not jumping at the Windows 7 capabilities. However many waiting to see how its all working well before they start developing, other have already jumped the gum with total optimism that Windows & can really revolutionise the way we look at things and how business that benefit with applications that could enhance the functionality features that Windows 7 come packed with. Time will tell us, although like many of us I am quite positive and looking forward to test and try new applications.