Dialog and Version Information in Microsoft® Office 2007

Are you confused on how to open the “About” dialog, which was very easy to locate with older versions of Office? Do you want to know the version of your Office 2007 applications?

The “About” dialog box is one of the easiest dialogs to find as its location has never changed until the 2007 version of Microsoft® Office. Prior to Office 2007, you can find the dialog box under the help menu. The most important information in the “About” dialog box is the version of the specific Office application.

Here is some information regarding the “About” dialog box and the version information of Office 2007 applications:

  • Opening the ‘About’ Dialog Box in Office 2007
  • Other ways of getting the Office 2007 version
  • The importance of knowing the version of Office 2007

Opening the ‘About’ Dialog Box in Office 2007

Since Microsoft® has changed the location of the “About” dialog box, the process of opening it is no longer as simple. You should open the options window by clicking on the Office button and “Word Options” at the very bottom. Under the resources tab, you would find a button named “About” which should open the right dialog box. You can then look at the information you need.

Other ways of getting the Office 2007 version

Aside from opening the “About” dialog box, there are also other ways to get the version number of each Office 2007 application.

This first is by accessing the Programs installed on the computer. You can do this by typing appwiz.cpl in the “Run” dialog box for Windows® XP or in the search bar of Vista® and Windows® 7. Just look for Microsoft® Office and scroll right. You would get the product version there.

The second alternate method is by browsing to the folder where the Office applications are installed. By default, you can find it at “C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12”. Just look for the individual applications (i.e. Word.exe, Excel.exe) and click properties on the context menu. You can find the version under the details tab.

The importance of knowing the version of Office 2007

It may not seem like a big deal, but knowing the version of your Office 2007 applications can quickly indicate to you whether a new update is available for your version. Unlike with antivirus applications that release daily updates, the updates for Office applications are very few and far in between. By knowing the version you have and the current version, you can easily compare without opening up Office 2007 and using its update feature.


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