If you are one of the people who always search for the best for your PC then you might have changed to Windows 7 from your previous version of Windows. Windows 7 has grabbed all the success and popularity in short span of time. Thanks to its new cool features and friendly User Interface. There are various features in OS that makes computing a lot easier and fun to operate. If you are well aware of these features then you can work a lot faster with this OS. It not just claims to be superior to previous versions of Windows but it is designed in such a fashion that even the person who haven’t used computer before will get it in few sittings.

You might have noticed that there are cool icons pinned to the taskbar that are shortcuts to access the particular applications. You can access those icons by holding windows key and pressing the number according to the position of the icon starting from left. You should find one feature of windows annoying and wanted to get rid of it. It is when you click on the pinned shortcut; it turns into taskbar button as long as application is running.

Actually this feature is not disturbing as you get accustomed to it along the time. There are benefits of the feature which lie well above the disadvantages that you might be complaining about. First of all, instead of expanding this buttons as those were in previous Windows versions, small buttons or icons save taskbar space. Consider a case that you are using Mozilla Firefox and want to open a new window of the same. For that you used to click on the pinned shortcut when no window was open but now there is no pinned shortcut. In that case, you can go in file and then new window.

This is not case but as you can middle click on converted shortcut to open a new window. You might have noticed that there is no option like recent documents in Windows7. You can find its replacement in the converted taskbar button of application by right clicking on it. There you will notice another brilliant feature in Windows7 named as JumpList. It is an attribute that holds list of recently used documents accessed by using application. It categorizes documents according to the type of application it uses for quick access.

If you still can’t think that these benefits are not superior to your desire of converting Windows7 taskbar to look alike Vista then there is a way for it. For that you have to add quick launch bar to the taskbar and can be done by accessing toolbar menu. There you have to access New Toolbar option and have to paste “%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch” in to the location bar. After ensuring that you have selected proper path hit the ‘Select Folder’ button. As soon as you hit the button, Quick launch bar will appear on taskbar. By default it is on the left of taskbar which can be moved on right. You can make settings as per requirements. Now Windows7 will hold the look of Vista. The procedure is quiet complicated but make it work if you really wish to ruin look of shiny taskbar.