Display ink a hardware and software technology enterprise that excels in providing technology enabling seamless virtual graphics connectivity between computers and displays through USB and wireless devices like Ethernet. It designs technology enabling different devices to connect with computers using USB and wireless USB. It primarily caters to Samsung LG ASUS who specialize in LCD monitors, notebook OEMs HP Toshiba Sony etc. Its site states that “DisplayLink’s wired and wireless virtual graphics technology has been gaining momentum in the consumer electronics and corporate IT arenas and is today available in multiple brand-name USB docks, adapters, monitors and projectors”. DisplayLink is the 4th Fastest growing EMEA Company according to Deloitte, and was awarded the CES 2011 Best of Innovation Award Honoree in the Enabling Technologies category.

At CES 2011 it announced a revolutionary technology via USB virtual graphics technology enabling a 10-sear thin client multi-user computing solution via Microsoft’s Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 software.

DisplayLink lists the new technologies features as the first zero client experience that is cpu-less with only one pc needed as the host meaning literally multiple coneectivity of different os sessions with only one video card needed. Simple and inexpensive because of only one video card required and USB connectivity offering simple pug and play connectivity. Also supports Microsoft Multipoint Windows Server 2010. It is excellent for Classrooms, Labs, Libraries etc.

“DisplayLink software and silicon allows one host computer to connect with up to 10 or more separate monitors via simple USB connections, delivering individual desktop experiences that are easy to set up and at a fraction of the cost of typical thin-client systems,” says Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive vice president of marketing and business development. “The important zero-client market needs computing solutions that are simple, accessible and affordable; and DisplayLink will continue working closely with Microsoft and other partners to make those solutions possible.

Windows Multipoint sever is an application that allows multiple user to share one computer at one time with multiple displays connected to one processing unit hence reducing the cost in case of setups like schools. It allows multiple devices to source their processing needs from one processing device. Multiple users can connect their monitors keyboards and mouse to one central processing unit and get their individual windows experience. The connectivity is through the USB port or video Card.

Microsoft Multipoint Windows Server 2010 has been launched in 12 different languages like English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Turkish.