Facebook yesterday announced the launch of the much awaited Docs.com website at the Facebook F8 conference. The website has been made in collaboration with Microsoft that enables users to exchange files of any type of format around the world.

Just like a secure server, Docs.com enables users to exchange files, free of cost. However the only difference in the exchange of files over a server and a website like Docs.com is the element of social bonding. Microsoft has collaborated its technological expertise, while Facebook has added its social networking ingenuity. Through this collaboration Microsoft and Facebook will prove to be stiff a competition to Google Docs.

Docs.com is a beta version application, so one would definitely expect improvements from the website. However, unlike other document sharing applications, Docs.com enables, a user friendly environment, as you just have to be an existing Facebook user to sign-in. Moreover, all your contacts are transferred, once you have given the approval as a new user.

Unlike Google docs, which enables you to share your document with anyone around the globe, Docs.com requires you to be an existing Facebook user. Secondly you can only send your documents to individuals that are listed in your Facebook contacts.

Microsoft also seeks to release its own documents sharing website, probably by the end of this year. Collaboration in Docs.com is seen as an experimental opportunity for Microsoft, to analyze its technological expertise in the document sharing domain.