On 25th June at around 12:30 pm, when apple was celebrating the successful launch of its new device, iphone 4, the vice president of the communications of Microsoft Mr. Frank Shaw posted a  blog  on Microsoft’s official blog titled as “MICROSOFT BY THE  NUMBERS”. The blog was basically written to highlight the success of Microsoft in the market.

The consumers were eagerly waiting for the new product launch of apple; the Microsoft reminded them of its presence and market position. Microsoft has been giving neck to neck competition to the Apple. The blog basically compared the figures of sale of both the companies’ product.

Some of the details are as follows.

1. 150 million copies of windows 7 has been sold, which means 600,000 copies per day have been sold by Microsoft.
2. 7.1 million iPods, 58 million notebooks and 355 million PC’s have been sold by the apple company.

Misleading comparisons

There were many misleading comparisons which were cleared by the Microsoft Company. For example, the sales of iphones were shown much higher than the sales of nokia, but the truth was just vice-versa. Around 21.2 million nokia phones were sold and in the same year only 8.8 million iphones were sold by the apple which is not even half of the sales of Microsoft.

The net income of the three largest companies viz Google, apple and Microsoft during the year 2009 are given as follows”

  • Google’s net income during the year 2009 is $8.2 billion
  • Apple’s net income during the year 2009 is $6.5 billion
  • Microsoft’s net income during the year 2009 is $14.5 billion
  • 21.8, 20.8, 12.1 are the P/E ratio’s of the above three companies respectively.

The above data shows that the Microsoft is leading the other two companies by a large amount. The Microsoft Company has overlooked apple in many ways. The blog which was written by Mr. Frank Shaw made the clear comparison and gave the exact figures to compare between the two leading companies of the world.

The various shareholders of Microsoft have also started commenting on the growth rate as well as the popularity of the companies. These two companies are giving neck to neck and a very tough competition to each other. So don’t forget Microsoft, it’s also leading the world. Many other products are being launched by the Microsoft Company. Some of the products like office 2010, Bing, xbox360, kinect have already been launched and many more are to be launched in the coming years.

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