For starters, the Microsoft® Windows® Installer is basically a device to enable updates on Windows® in order to install MSI files.

These files compress programs for auto-installation. It is not possible to give orders to run Windows® Installer but it gets automatically installed in an operating system and plays an important role in efficient functioning of an operating system.

A lot of reasons can be cited to download Windows® Installer in your computer systems. It is an essential application which is pivotal installing an application on a PC. Most programs require this application as a pre-requisite to complete installation.


A number of different versions are available for Windows® Installer. However, the latest version is available for Windows® 2000 SP3, Windows® 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 and Windows® 2003.

It is indispensable to download Windows® Installer because it is used to install programs on a computer.

At numerous occasions, software usually require the latest download before installation. In the process, it becomes a double task to download Windows® Installer and run it before running the software installation program.

These setup rules describe the installation and configuration of the installed application. Furthermore, this service is mandatory in order to carry out tasks like modification, repairing, or removing an existing application.

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