Yes. You have heard it right. Due to bad marketing, Nexus One and Microsoft’s Kin has finally moved out. It was final. The Nexus One phone was sold in 8 countries since January 2010 to July 2010 and was sold out. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Pink Project also known as the Microsoft Kin Phone, came to an end recently. There was rivalry between both the above phones. Yet at the end, both phones vanished.

Google’s Nexus One Phone

The popular search engine, Google, had decided to launch in public the latest phone. The phone was Nexus One and it was created and designed personally by Google. This was further introduced only in Google blogs from January 5, 2010. Its main features were to convert voice to text and help drivers on their way. There was really a solid plan to sell out Google Nexus One. Google did not reach the expected phone sales and so, they limited it. Finally, the last shipment of the phones arrived. There are a few possible reasons why the Google’s Nexus One Phone flopped.

Its target date should have been earlier than January 2010. It should have been the “ber” season. This is from September of 2009 to December 2009. People often buy Christmas products during this season. If they have a stable job and are given a year-end bonus, there is a huge chance that they would have bought technology gadgets.

Their rival iPhone had offered several features like creating music, and other cool widgets inside the miniature and touch screen cell phone. The operating system of iPhone is very easy to understand and to explore. On the other hand, the Nexus One phone from Google, has an android operating system that is new to the public. The marketing strategy when it comes to launching the product also seemed weak. They only introduced it to pubic in blogs and websites.

The Microsoft’s Project Pink (Microsoft Kin)

Verizon who handled the selling of this product, finally, decided to quit too. This is because of poor income from sales. Also, Microsoft Kin had to end so that Microsoft could concentrate on their new product, Windows 7 Phone. Like Nexus One, Microsoft Project Pink also came to an end because of similar reasons.

It has a new operating system like Nexus One and the operating system is half way through the development of windows 7 phone. If you look closer, you will find that there are no games available on the phone. It also cannot handle third party application or add widgets. Initially the product cost was higher. Then when Verizon noticed that only few were interested in buying the product, they lowered the price. If a person is looking for unique gadgets and not thinking of the costs, then maybe these products will be the right ones to choose.

Both the products seemed to have weak points in features and in marketing strategy. This will be a lessoned learnt by Google and Microsoft. In a positive tone, it can be said that Microsoft and Google will be able to survive when they launch another product because of this harsh lesson they learnt.