Microsoft corporation and eBay have today declared that eBay will be one of the 1st clients of Microsoft’s newly fangled Windows Azure platform based appliance for cloud computing. The partnership is an important articulate technology effort that will brace the creation and ability of the Windows Azure platform based appliance with the technological excellence of eBay’s program — to fork up an automatised, scalable, cost-efficient capacity management solution.

Statement by Microsoft

Microsoft also foretold the confined production release of the Windows Azure platform based appliance, the 1st turnkey cloud program for large service suppliers, initiatives and enterprises to deploy in their own datacenters. EBay will integrate the Windows Azure platform based appliance into 2 of its datacenters to boost the optimization its platform and accomplish bigger strategically lightsomeness and datacenter efficiency.

This partnership accompanies a successful archetype deployment by eBay of Microsoft’s public Windows Azure platform, which extends eBay with the tractability to deploy certain special application program* on a world cloud while asserting the dependability and accessibility of EBay’s page for iPad lists —— is hosted upon the public Windows Azure platform.

The VP Says

“Microsoft’s concentrate on and investment in the Windows Azure platform based appliance depicts they are dedicated to foremost cloud computing solutions. EBay has the right design for next-generation software-as-a-service-based applications with our platform’s computer architecture, scale and dependability,” said James Barrese, eBay vice president of technology. “A joint engineering project on the Windows Azure platform based appliance with eBay’s monumental, high-volume systems permits Microsoft to certify its leadership in that space and helps eBay make better our user experience by a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient solution.”

Windows Azure Platform

The Windows Azure platform based appliance comprises of Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure and a Microsoft-specified configuration of net, computer storage and server computer hardware. The appliance is optimized for scale out application program* and datacenter efficiency across 100s to 10s of thousands of servers around the world.

Bob Muglia, president of Server and Tools Business, Microsoft said, “eBay has one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, and we believe the Windows Azure platform based appliance provides the scalability, automation, datacenter efficiency and low cost of operations that eBay requires meeting the needs of its customers worldwide.”

EBay and Microsoft have in plans to deploy the Windows Azure platform based appliance later this year.


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About Microsoft

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