Microsoft recently announced the new release of its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 2.0 solution to fix  software interoperability problems. This software is designed to address the general security vulnerabilities in software products without providing any specific patches, which has been described as “pseudo-mitigation” approach to enhance software security.

Microsoft has delayed EMET Version 2.0 that was scheduled to be released in September to correct a flaw affecting Adobe and Google softwares. On November 17th, as announced by Forstrom that an update would be provided to EMET customers addressing any issues that  they might be facing with apps that would no longer update after security mitigations which were added with the free security tool from the Redmond company.

EMET is a tool developed by Microsoft researchers but is not supported by Microsoft. As the software has become old and unsupported and so the  tool’s main virtue which was  making  attempts to block common security vulnerabilities in software that may not have a patch. It has the potential to protect line-of-business software that was built in-house long time back but it continues to be used in a unmaintained form.  By deploying these mitigation technologies on legacy products, the tool also help customers manage risk while they are in the process of transitioning over to modern, more secure products.

It was on Tuesday when Google discovered  the update problem is associated with EMET and informed Microsoft about it.EMET 2.0 is causing problems for some users of Adobe and Acrobat products, as well as the Google Chrome browser. EMET is delaying the update process for these software products. This update problem is very much prominent with Adobe products if a reboot is required after a Reader or Acrobat update.

Microsoft released a download for Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) version which resolves glitches related to the update functionality of software from Adobe and Google. To address these problems Microsoft has released a new version of EMET, version, which is available at the Microsoft Download Center. There are no new features or capabilities introduced with EMET the only purpose of this update is solely to resolve the problems reported for the updates to Chrome, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.