What are the different types of error codes that are generated by Device Manager in a Microsoft Windows XP Professional system?

Error codes appear as the warning message which corresponds to the fault in a particular software application. It is present in the software programs and other application within your system. These include errors like operating system error codes, system error codes and driver error codes etc. and it inform the user about the internal errors in your system. There are various error codes that might occur in the system such as system error code (0-499), system error code (500-99) etc. These codes display many error messages like “No driver installation in the system,” “Corrupted device driver.” Error code is also occurring due to the conflict of devices.

Following are the different types of error codes generated in a Windows XP Professional system:
  • Error code 39
  • Error code 10
  • Error code 43

Error code 39

Error code 39 is the default Device Manager Error code. In this condition Windows could not be able to load the device driver for the hardware device. This might be due to the corruption of missing of drivers. Sometimes, if the binary file required get corrupted or if there are issues with I/O process that would lead to the error code 39. As a result the system could not be able to load the drivers in the right way. In order to resolve the issue, you might require to uninstall and reinstall the driver, and delete all the malware from the system.

Error code 10

Error code 10 is the default error code of Device Manager. If there are issues with memory allocations of the hardware device, this error would be created. If there are any uninstallation issues, they would also cause such error code 10. The outdated diver might be the other cause of the error code 10. To resolve this issue update drivers for the device and keep the system virus free.

Error code 43

If you get error code 43, the driver which is controlling that device would give notification to the OS that, the device has got failure. This might be due to so many reasons. If the drivers for that device get corrupted by some means or if you have installed the wrong driver for that device, this type of error codes would be generated. You could be able to solve this by adopting certain measures.