Windows phone 7 has several attractive and fun features which include the ability connect to Microsoft’s online game service, Xbox live and if you want to download music you can go Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace. If you are a music freak, just pay $15 to Zune to listen music as you want right on the phone. One of the main features is the operating system and interface of this phone; it can integrate with e-mails and calendars, you can also create different exchange accounts on this phone. If you want to use MS office then you can use the mobile version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint right on the phone.

Now talk about other famous features like memory and camera. This phone is integrated with 8GB of internal memory and it has 5 MP camera which helps you to capture and record high-definition videos. It has also a multi-touch screen and on screen keyboard. It is very east to type messages and e-mails on this phone. The phone is integrated with Bing search engine to search maps and other searches. The Windows phone 7 also has Microsoft’s Tellme voice recognition application to operate voice controls.

Though there is no instant messaging application installed on the phone but you can easily download one from the Window market place. One more thing is the navigation software but there is built in mapping applications, which are simple and easy to use. There is one more feature which stands it apart from other smart phone: you can hold down the camera even when the phone is locked or in sleep mode. If password is set on the phone you can still take photos from the camera.

But the competition is very strong from other manufacturer like Apple and Android, consumers are using these phones will be hesitant to buy a new one But we can hope for a wide consumer base for Windows phone 7.

All we can say about this phone is that: Windows phone 7 is good and better than the software introduced on the Kin phones. You can not say that this phone is a phenomenal, so, it may become famous among smart phone users. But there are some limitations present in this phone like other smart phone you can not add more application on the screen. Apple’s iOS4 and Androids ahs two screen panels and if you add more applications, it got longer and longer. Those smart phones have screen fitted panels which makes those phones better than the Windows phone 7.