There are a lot of features that can be done with Windows Phone. Some of these include like staying connected with the social networking sites, which you can easily share with your friends; you can upload and download the pictures easily and can also edit them. There are thousands of free and paid applications available for Windows Phone and these can be easily downloaded from the market place. Apart from these applications there are some cool customisations which you yourself can do in your phone. In this post I will discuss some of the cool settings which can be done in Windows phone.

Some of the features of Windows Phone are as follows:

  • Locate your phone. This feature allows you to easily locate your phone if it gets misplaced or stolen. This feature uses the inbuilt GPS system of the phone and you can track the same by logging on to the specific website and trace the location of your phone. This facility is not available in other phones and has helped in enriching the security of your Windows Phone.
  • Add items to Start. Just like you pin your favourites items to the Start menu of your computer, the same way you can pin the items to the Start menu of your Windows Phone. Why to scroll through various menus and screens if you can get your favourite application on the very top in the Start menu. Some items which you can pin to the Start menu are your favourite music, favourite radio channels, favourite applications, documents and OneNote documents. If you tap and hold down any icon then you can see if it can be pinned to the Start menu or not.
  • Voice Command. Windows Phone has inbuilt voice recognition software in it and this can be used for giving voice commands to your phone. Your Windows phone is your device and it should hear your commands. After training the phone by your voice you can easily command the phone to open any specific application or to perform some predefined task. The listener to the voice commands can be activated by tapping and holding the Start button.
  • Quick Call. This can be done by either going to the calling history or by calling the person by the start button itself. If there is someone whom you call very frequently then you can pin it to the Start menu so that you can call him or her in just two taps.
  • Picture Background. Pictures can be applied in two ways on the Windows phone. First is by changing the picture of the locked screen which is called as the wallpaper and second is by changing the picture of the background which is called as the background picture. If you tab on any image then you will get option for setting it as wallpaper (for lock screen) and if you go to the photos hub page then you can get the option for changing the background.