Microsoft has announced the beta version of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) on the Worldwide Partner Conference. The Service pack is said to come with no new feature specific to Windows 7 yet there are some features that will enhance the Windows 7 experience on the network based on Windows Server 2008 after the service pack will be installed. The Service Pack 1 beta version is supposed to have no new feature in their installation yet it is just a combination of all the updates that were available online and you might have installed them in case Automatic Update was turned on.

Launching Dates

The Beta version has been launched and is available for download on the Microsoft’s Download Center. The public beta version is for testing only so it is available for IT professionals at this time for the deployment to be safe. For the general public, the Windows 7 SP1 will be available somewhere in the first half of the next year.

There are a number of customers that Microsoft has and that are deploying Windows 7 gradually. There seems to be a remarkable trend in the next few months. According to surveys; there are about 64.7% of companies who have begun transferring to Windows 7 or the plan will be deployed within the next 6 months. There are some 89% companies who wish to deploy this plan in the next two year span while an international survey terms Windows 7 to be the new standard for commercial PCs in the next 12 months. This all will have excellent benefit from the launch of Windows 7 SP1 RTM as they are going to have Windows 7 updated right away that is free from all the bugs and viruses.

Marker Shares

Windows 7 has proved to be quite popular around the world of computers and just within 7 months of its launch, the platform took up 14% of the global OS market. This is certainly the fastest operating system on the planet so far as history has no tracks about anything as rapid as this. There are even around 150 million licenses sold so far according to the official statement of Microsoft. If we take these facts and figures, there seems to be a hike in the next few coming months in the deployment of Windows 7 some of which might be because of the Service Pack 1 RTM.

Impacts of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 RTM

The brighter side of the matter is quite bright for Windows 7 and Microsoft at least. Even though the Service Pack 1 does not contain any of the features in it but it seems to be of excellent function to people from around the world who are planning to deploy to Windows 7. The corporate users who are still on Windows XP will find this to be the best time to migrate as this migration will get them with all the security and integrity that the updated version of Windows 7 has with no need to update manually through internet. It might also sound sensible because Microsoft is providing no more support to customers on Windows XP beyond year 2014. You will be either required to install a new OS or hire a Custom Support contract.