The Windows 7 operating system has already become a delight for the cyber connoisseurs. The usability and the user friendliness of the operating system have made it the unbiased ruler of the IT world. A few of the features that have set awe inspiration are as follows.

The Compatibility Mode

So far, Windows 7 has proven itself to be a good overall operating system. It has brought several needed improvements, and even some new technological features. However, Windows 7 can have some problems with backwards compatibility… which is to be expected with any new operating system. Microsoft anticipated this and decided to add XP Mode to Windows 7. XP Mode allows you to run Windows XP inside a virtual machine within Windows 7. In turn, you will be able to run older applications and programs if need be.

The Charismatic Folder Options

Another great feature in Windows 7 is Folder Options, which fixes a huge, time-consuming blunder in Vista. The all power customizable features for the folder options make it really sharp for the users to control their privacy.

Printing made more easy

The printing facility is just carried out anywhere at the blink of your eye. All you have to do is select Print, and it automatically sends the job to your network printer at work, your personal printer at home, or another shared printer. And, you can define as many print locations as needed, based on how many locations you frequently visit.

Remote desktop connectivity

Remote desktop connectivity is another big plus in Windows 7. The Windows 7 remote desktop actually works well, and the setup is menu-driven and intuitive. The remote desktop connection can be done by Windows 7 Help menus, or select Remote Settings from the Start button, right-click Computer, then choose Properties, and read the screen. Once connected, you can access everything on your office PC, including files, network resources, and applications.

Presenting the MultiTouch Support

MultiTouch support is another deal maker for some companies that purchased laptops and netbooks specifically for the touch screen options. Since mobile phones, iPads, and many netbooks have virtual keyboards, employees have quickly adapted to the touch screen feature and found that it increases efficiency, for example, when conducting webinars, classroom training, and sales demos at product trade shows.

It’s much easier than using the keyboard and mouse just to tap the screen, slide a scroll bar, or roll the cursor across the desktop with your fingers, especially when showing a quick presentation to your clients at lunch. Desktop users may not appreciate this feature much, but your employees with mini and mobile systems will love it.

A whole lot of facilities, user friendliness driven and innovative creations have made Windows 7 the best operating system. A peep into the core shows us the extreme facility Windows 7 has to offer us.