Fujitsu and Microsoft Corporation has collaborated in order to share their data centers all over the world in order to catch up to Google Inc. and the other pioneering companies in the business that provides the world with software and online computing services.

The Birth of a New Friendship

This partnership will use both Fujitsu and Microsoft’s resources in order to speed both of the firm’s expansion into the realm of cloud computing. Fujitsu is known to be operable in 90 or so data centers within 16 countries. At the earliest within this year, Fujitsu will begin its hosting duties to Microsoft’s cloud services at the Tatebayashi center in Gunma Prefecture. They plan on doing the same in locations all over the U.S., the U.K., Singapore and elsewhere so they can be equipped with the necessary technology. Fujitsu’s decision to work with Microsoft lets them acknowledge that their very own cloud services only include somewhat limited prospects that are intended for growth abroad.

Keeping Ahead of Everyone Else

Microsoft is in the race to increase the reach of its cloud services worldwide. They have even opened ultimately huge data centers within the Chicago are as well as in Dublin just the previous year. The U.S. firm has been expanded in customer support areas and other sections as well because they want to reinforce these in cooperation with Fujitsu.

Microsoft has the belief that if it teams up with Fujitsu, it will help in making customers of globalization of certain involved companies in Japan. The business partners are even considering making joint investments for the new and somewhat fresh data centers today, which will actually end up roughly costing them tens of billions of yen to save up.

This last January, Microsoft introduced the Windows Azure. This gives businesses an Internet-based access to Windows software which is stored at Microsoft data centers instead of in their own computers. With this new partnership, Fujitsu plans on trying to tap this base of Windows users. is a big leader in cloud services. They have about 77,000 clients all over the world which include the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Google has even invested 700 billion yen in this cloud computing businesses since 2006 until 2009. The Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd. is among its list of customers.

Japanese Invasion

The two firms are doing their best to push aggressively into the heart of Japan. They are threatening the domestic information technology giants in this planned movement. Fujitsu is seeking to counter the challenge by going ahead and working with the highly efficient team of Microsoft in order to finally build a successfully a worldwide influence in the realm of cloud computing.

The global market for cloud computing is predicted to grow to $55.5 billion in the year 2014 from its former value of $16 billion last year in 2009. The Japanese information technology industry is disadvantaged due to its general inability to provide its customers with the same level of cloud services that are being offered worldwide even when more and more domestic firms are starting to globalize.
This is a big leap forward for both Fujitsu and Microsoft. Their exploration in both domestic and global integration in the provision of working data centers will benefit them in a way that most companies could only dream of. Even Google needs to keep an eye out for this big time partnership because this revolutionary collaboration is set to blow every other organization’s minds.