At CES 2011 Microsoft features Glo Interactive Digital Bible on new Windows 7-powered slates. Glo will be featured in the online Windows product Scout. At the 2011 consumer Electronics show, Microsoft announced the Windows 7-powered Glo Bible slates. Glo bible is an award winning media rich interactive Bible and also it is very famous. Glo Bible is also the Winner of the 2010 Bible of the Year award and it was selected by Microsoft corp. to showcase it as a prome example of applications touch-turned to maximize the interactivity and features of the new slate devices. It was better than the slates featured at the Microsoft booth at CES in Las Vegas.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduced many of the Windows 7-powered slates during CES presentation. CES trade show floor was filled with Microsoft and OEMs Windows 7 slates at their stalls including other applications such as Immersion digital Glo Bible. Mark Relph, senior director for Windows Ecosystem at Microsoft said at CES 2011 that “Glo on Windows 7-powered slate allows users to naturally explore the places they read about, zoom into maps and timelines, and explore the rich multimedia content of the Glo Bible. Glo is a great example of the kind of immersive experiences that can be created when an application takes full advantage of the power available on these PCs.”

Nelson saba, Immersion digital also mentioned that “We are honored by Microsoft’s acknowledgement of the potential of Glo on Windows 7-powered slates, and that our multi-device strategy is working to deliver this rich multimedia Bible wherever you go.” He also added that “Our Windows 7-powered slate debut and sneak peek at the iPad go a long way toward demonstrating Glo as a versatile digital publishing platform that exploits the power of today’s rich media-capable mobile devices.” They also showed a sneak preview of Glo on the ipad at the press event during CES.

Microsoft also developed a specific Windows product Scout site for the Glo in the new slate PC section. It will showcase a destination pre-loaded on slate PC that presents products identified by the Windows 7 team for compatibility, reliability and also it will get the most out from the touch-enabled Windows 7-powered slates. These new PCs will be available by the February 1st 2011 and also it will include a free downloadable version of Glo. It will also feature best selling #1 new international version (NIV) translation of the Bible used by more pastors and consumers than any other version. This product will also include multiple upgraded options.

Peter Centofante, Immersion digital director of product design and marketing told that “We are honored to be included in Product Scout, Product Scout will introduce Glo to many users who are already familiar with the value of mobile slate devices and are looking for meaningful content to enrich their lives wherever they go.”