It is the time of cutting edge technology and neck to neck competition between the giants to be the best. All the companies are trying their best to serve their customers in the best possible manner and there could be no chance for error. Unfortunately Microsoft WIndows Phone 7 has come up with an unexpected glitch . People are reporting that the phones running on Microsoft Windows 7 which has support for MicroSD Cards make permanent damage to the cards and it no longer remains usable on any other device.

Earlier, only few users reported this glitch, but after Samsung and AT&T came into the picture this problem took a complete new look and the claims seem to be actual. Samsung which is manufacturing phones for Windows Phone 7 has warned its users that their MicroSD card once inserted into Windows Phone 7  will no longer be supported by any other device. Samsung has strictly quoted in its warning that all memory cards which you connect in the Windows Phone 7 based phones will no longer be readable or writable or in some cases even discoverable on any other device like Camera, computer, phone, etc. AT&T also has issued a similar statement that people should use only those MicroSD cards which are certified to be used on Windows Phone. Irony is that there are no such Windows Phone Certified cards in the market.

This problem is certainly not a one which Microsoft can fix by releasing a fix or update and will take long till the next version releases. It has for sure presented a very negative image of Windows Phone 7 and has given its competitors iPhone and Android to boast on their technologies and multiplatform support. On the other hand Microsoft doesn’t consider this as a bug or architectural mistake and has mentioned in its knowledge base that they have given support only for the MicroSD card’s slot on phones and have well tested the same.

Microsoft says that if the card was provided by the OEM then it should always work but if users upgrade it by any other card then there are chances of it turning unusable(Read more at In this knowledge article Microsoft has clearly mentioned that the card provided to its users along with the phone is an integrated devices of the phone and is intended to save only the phones data in it. This card should not be considered as a removable storage device and taken to some other device for transferring the data. This is in contrast to other phones because they let the users use their MicroSD cards as a removable storage which can be used for transferring data between computer and phone. Microsoft said that when the Operating System of the Windows Phones starts for the first time it writes some crucial information on the card inn its own format and this makes the card un-understandable by other card readable devices.