Google has passed comment on Microsoft by stating that giant software Microsoft is standing on its heels just with the expectation to leap forward of Google in terms of innovation and is also expected to catch up quickly. When Google Chief financial officer Patrick Pichette was asked whether he is concerned about the regulators that would force Google’s break-up because of its huge market engines, he replied saying that there was a competitive market. He further added by saying that Microsoft is a formidable competitor who are really very smart.

Bing from Microsoft also carries special features such as dictionary, entertainment, events, finance, health, images, local, maps, news, recipe, reference, social, shopping, translator, travel, university, videos, visual search, weather, Wolfram Alpha and xRank too. Bing can find results in 44 languages and display the same in 42 languages. Though in both the search engines whether it’s Bing or Google the features somewhere overlap each other but still there is a scope for standing out and all depends upon who can be more popular and widespread than the other.

Microsoft’s search engine is competing with Google’s search engines by launching various attractive features launching in a row to integrate new developments in order to get hold of as much as users as possible. In this race on a treadmill for innovation, Google cannot afford to slowdown otherwise Microsoft will catch up in no time.

Mr. Pichette also enlightened its customers by giving an insight into Google’s philosophy for new products. The first divine principle of Google is of understanding that its internet who is changing the world. According to him it is like a combination of internet which is open, computer power that is declining day by day and the storage costs for everything on the internet is reducing to zero.

He also says that it is the responsibility of Google to solve big problems where a computer makes a huge difference. He further says that it Google is looked with these eyes everything will start making sense. The recent financial result also shows the company’s new products that they are going to launch are all having “phenomenal trajectories”. They have also announced that their display business has over $US2.5 billion run rate.