Always dreamt of an application that allows you to work online on documents, but not able to do so? Now it is all possible for you because Google is all set the launch an application that makes you able to edit files online. Now with the said application it will be possible for you to do so. There are different files you want and wish to work online. It is possible for you now to transfer the Microsoft files on the web (Internet). As per the news coming from Google, it will be possible for you to edit and work online with this brand new application.  The application makes you able to do word processing online with the help of applications like Google Docs. They are giving a tough competition to the Windows applications like Word, Excel and the other corporate oriented application PowerPoint.

You must have heard about cloud computing. The new application going to be launched by Google is called Cloud Connect, applicable for the Microsoft Word applications. Google says that it takes all the office files to the Google server and it gives these files a new and unique address so that they could be accessed through Google Docs. It is possible to get the access from any computer through an Internet connection. After the files are available on the web, it is possible for anyone to access these files through Google Docs and edit these whenever you need them. Not only one person, but all the employees in case it is a online register for attendance, or in some other case if it is an online opinion poll, it can be accessed and easily edited anytime. Once these comments are made, these are visible for the people on the web; it is really great and a never before experience. It is an attempt to make it possible to get the employees at one place and share and edit the documents. Suppose there is some kind of product launch in the market for that the company wants to do a survey to deliver a better product. It is all possible with the new generation web connected document files.

Because there is no need to buy software when there is an application available with you. It is helpful in reduction of cost and it is a sure success to the low budget companies as well, because they are freed from the extra burden of different software and applications for each computer in the office. This great and revolutionary application is going to change the way people work in their offices and students the way they study.