The sudden dip in Apples stock at the start of the market today was a little disturbing though not alarming. Apple’s stark competitors which are Research in Motion, Microsoft and Google were definitely higher placed in the NASDAQ chart for today which was not at all comfortable from the market leader’s point of view.

Its really brings doubt on ones mind that how does Apples CEO Steve Job does play a key role for the day to day profit of the companies earning. Many investor may have taken a step backword wondering if Steve will be back sooner from his health related leave, many suggested that may have led to the few points fall for Apples chart today.

COO Tim Cook is another significant player who has earlier taken control of the firm when Steve was away and has taken care of Apple magnificantly while making decisions and comments which has created much roar among its rivals. Apple is known for its team performance, if one is away there are many to take care of the organizations good health.

Though at Midday the stock prices peaked for Apple but the 4% dip in the morning market did create some stir. Steve jobs and his excellent marketing strategies have even forced the anti Apple users to go run to the store and get a new iphone or ipad. Definitely the product is a hit across the globe some say because of Steve’s magical marketing techniques and also definitely because of the unique features of it.

Many have even questioned what if Steve is away from Apple permanently will it flatten the chart in NASDAQ? After todays market review this is a very common question that has arised earlier and has been queried over and over again. An associate named Roger kay from Endpoint Technologies Associates mentioned clearly that if Steve Job leaves his job from Apples, its becomes just another ordinary company with nothing exceptional to look up to.

Job has always been known as a team player and many have also termed him as the Santa but in his absence its truely the time for the elves to play there part and prove to the world specifically to the investors that they too know the way how Steve does his bussiness .

After being the CEO of Apple in 1997, Jobs has magificantly bought 100 fold of profit to the firm in his tenure of work with Apple. Apple has always boasted about making plans for the future much ahead compared to its competitors so if Steve stays or not for the next 20 years still Apple will be ruling the chart and reaping the benefits.

Today NASDAQ chart was a clear signal that Jobs presence in day to day market upheavels for Apple played a very big role. Thou he has taken a very short break due to health issue after two years still the investors desperately wanted him back at the earliest. Unfortunately apple lost $7 billion dollars that’s a low by 2% on a daily transaction due to Jobs absence its didnt matter much as Job is worth much more and is considered an asset to the company.