Microsoft® Entourage is an e-mail client manager developed by Microsoft® for Mac OS® 8.5 and higher versions. Microsoft® Entourage offers many facilities to its users. It provides facilities of e-mail, a calendar, address book, task list, note list and project manager. In the version Microsoft® Entourage 2004, Microsoft® had introduced a feature known as Project Center. Due to this feature users can easily create and manage their projects.

In the version Entourage 2008, a new feature My Day has been added, which helps its users in organizing one’s day activities. It has also introduced phishing protection, quick navigation and many other features. It has the capability of supporting some Mac OS® technologies, like the Spotlight® search engine and AppleScript®. Entourage also maintains a separate Address Book. Microsoft® Entourage help provides you support on issues like how to rebuild your identity database in Entourage, how to send and receive Hotmail® and many others.

Setting Entourage for sending and receiving Hotmail

You can easily use Entourage for sending and receiving messages from a Hotmail account. You can perform this without linking with the Hotmail® Web site. Your messages will remain on the mail server. You will view your messages in the Folder List pane under the name of your Hotmail® account, when you will connect with the Hotmail® server. Microsoft® Entourage help will provide you the information about its features.

If you already have a Hotmail® account, then you can use the following steps for configuring Microsoft® Entourage 2001 for Mac. After this configuration you can use Microsoft® Entourage 2001 for Mac for using your Hotmail® account.

On the Tools menu, click Accounts. Then in the Accounts window, click the Mail tab and then click New. After this, you will view the Account Setup Assistant. Then in your name box, type the name that you want viewers to see and then click the right arrow to proceed on the next page. After this, on the Your E-mail Address page, click I already have an e-mail address that I’d like to use.

When you had performed these steps, then in the E-mail Address box, type your Hotmail® e-mail address. Click the right arrow to continue to the next page. Then on the Sign-in Name and Password page, type your Hotmail® account ID in the Sign-in name box and then type your Hotmail® password in the Password box. After this, you had to click on the right arrow. On the Congratulations page, type a name for your Hotmail® account in the Account name box. To include the account in your Send & Receive All schedule, click to select the corresponding check box. Then click on Finish to save your settings. You can use Microsoft® Entourage help for solution of issues related with it.

Manage your e-mail manager help services for Microsoft® Entourage

We have engaged ourselves in offering a variety of services for various products of Microsoft®. Microsoft® Entourage, which is an email-client manager, has its own advantages but sometimes the users are not fully aware of the benefits they can get by using it. In such cases, they can seek the technical assistance from tech organizations. Online PC Support will make e-mailing a pleasant experience for you as well as will keep your system updated with the antivirus and anti spyware to assure security from any kind of threat.